1- How can I place my order?

Ans. You can order shirts from various digital selling partners such as AMAZON, FLIPKART, SHOP CLUES, and PAY TM etc. If incase you are unable to find us there, you can easily order your shirts by visiting our website. You will find a window containing the details about placing the order.

2- What is the status of my order?

Ans. - We update the details of your order and you can check the status anytime on our website by using your order identification number.

3- How can I place query about orders?

Ans:- We have customer care representatives who are always available to entertain your query. You can e-mail us and contact us on our toll-free number.

4- Question about recent orders?

Ans: You can check this on our online portals anytime. You can place your questions and reviews about your orders.

5- Queries related to designs?

Ans: We always update our latest designs on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc.

6- Shipping contract details?

Ans: We give you a proper bill including all the necessary details.

7- How can I make my payments?

Ans: We acknowledge payments in both modes. You can give cash on delivery or you can make payments by debit and credit card. Terms and conditions apply.

8- How does your refund policy work?

Ans: we have discussed the whole process in our refund policy. You’re eligible for refund but you need to fulfill all the terms of agreement.

9- Website related queries?

Ans: We have our own website. You can easily find our website by typing our address on the internet.

10- About the marketing procedure?

Ans: We believe in building customer relationship. Our way of working is simple, convenient and safe.

11- Price related query?

Ans: We have our price list. Shirts are available at affordable prices. You can inquire us anytime.

12- How to get general information about company?

Ans: You can get personal information of company on our website. You can also verify it on Google.

13- Where do you stitch these shirts?

Ans. These shirts are stitched at our factory which is well equipped with modern machines.

14- What payment methods do we offer?

Ans. We accept both online and offline methods of payment.

15- In which currency do you deal?

Ans: We deal in INR and US dollars.

Tooley Shirt Pvt Ltd
B-79 Chanakya Place Uttam Nagar
110059 New Delhi- (India)
Email Id: aaminshirt@gmail.com
Telephone: (+91) 956-089-7694
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Online Shopping Made Easy at Tooley
You can purchase and order shirts from TOOLEY via online mode also. We are registered on all digital selling partners such as AMAZON, SNAPDEAL, VOONIK, SHOP CLUES, PAY TM, and FLIPKART etc. You can make payments through IMPS, NEFT, and cash on delivery. We acknowledge payments in both modes. You can shop while sitting at your home. You just need to visit our website and tap on shop now option. The window containing all necessary details will open and then it will be easy to order shirts from our store. Our delivery process is fast and secure.

All the Latest Design Under One Roof
You will get all the latest and stylish design from TOOLEY. We have a new range of products available at our store. You do not need to wander here and there for different type of shirts. The all kinds of shirts such as casual, formal, informal, and denim shirts are available at our store. We have professionals and sales executives who work in order to provide you with the best shirts. At TOOLEY, we assure you that we will give you an amazing experience. You will surely like our products. Get the uniquely designed products under one roof.

Online Shopping for Men
There are many online shopping brands which deal in women`s wear but TOOLEY is completely different from others as it deals in men`s shirts. Men can buy their favorite shirts from TOOLEY. These shirts are available at affordable prices. You can easily buy these shirts from our company. We have introduced many discounting options for our clients. You can explore us on internet and find us on all popular shopping portals. Our way of trading is easy and transparent.

Shop Online for your Favorite Office Shirts and Party Wear Shirts
If you are looking for your favorite office shirts and party wear shirts then you can easily contact us. It is not necessary to visit our store personally because we have started online selling of our products. You can easily find us on online selling portals. If you do not find us on digital selling partners then you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. We always mention our phone number in our posts. You can dial our number and give order for your favorite shirts.

TOOLEY is a shirt manufacturing company and it is completely self-governing. We offer a wide range of shirts for men only. We do here by declare that our shirts solely belong to us. Our brand name and logo is neither copied nor purchased. These belong to TOOLEY only. We have stated certain terms and conditions to our policy so that users may understand us and can establish a good trade with TOOLEY. We take complete responsibility of our products and hence we are available to take your all queries. You are allowed to return and exchange if you fulfill the conditions stated in our policy. TOOLEY does not support any third party, brand name, and logo.